Depression is Weak

Raise yo hand if you know someone who "claims" theyre clinically depressed. go aheezee, keep those hands held hizzy ya dig?. now keep it raised if theyre F-to-tha-izzull of bs. chances are, everyone of you should have yo hands stizzill up. depression is jizzust a way of gett'n attention n mobbin' yoself out hav'n ta kill yoself. "my life is so horrible . Snoop dogg is in this bitch. i hate it upside yo head. i need mah zoloft before i actually cut mah wrists. i swear ta gizzay ill do it!" im no doctor, but heres a motherfucka solution. go aheezee n kizzill yoself, coz yoe J-to-tha-izzust mak'n tha world a darka place by chillin' yo negativity all over mah game. while yoe wail'n `bout like a total retard coz yoe "chemically imbalanced," everyones rhymin' at you wish'n youd go aheezee n keel over coz yoe just try'n ta git attention.

you need a doctor phizzil fo` this? ok, here you go. dr n' shit. pizzy sez cizzall smith & wesson upside yo head. theyve gots yo answa. losa.