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Week of 2/19/05

Upper Deck - (up'ər - dek) - A slang term for a means of revenge against a foe. More specifically, this is when the aggressor infiltrates the bathroom of his advocacy and proceeds to excrete fecal matter from their rectum into the upper portion of the toilet tank. *NOTE: Best done when experiencing diarrhea.*

(Thanks to Matt Webb for that submission!)


tatas - Large breasts on a female. Often described as bodacious.


Wow. Check out those tatas.


rhinoctapus - a cross between an octopus and a rhinocerous
the rhinoctapus ate my grandma!


farktard - Someone who is fark-ing retarded.
George W. Bush is such a Farktard he thinks that the war in Iraq ended before it even began.




Week of 02/09/05

The Leprechaun

a stout, ugly, angry little man who is angry about the life he's leading and the diseases he's contracted over the past few months. Has no real job. Has no future. His highest honor was winning man of the month award.


Boston Tea Party

when a group of gentlemen take turns tea bagging an unsuspecting victim usually the victim is sleeping


white gold

Slang term refering to sperm that is sold to a sperm bank.



The extremely unlikely chance that you create utter havoc upon the natural world by ramming an animal with your car. But not just one. TWO. AT THE SAME TIME.

Usually done on accident.

If not by accident, stay the hell away from whoever "scored a twofer."


Holding your sausage hostage

Roughing up the witness.
A date with Rosy Palm and her five sisters.
Washing the goose's neck.



Week of 02/01/05

Badonkadonk - (bah-donk-ah-donk)  

An ‘ebonic’ expression for an extremely curvaceous female behind. Women who possess this feature usually have a small waist that violently explodes into a round and juicy posterior.


Foo - (foo)

A contracted version of the word 'fool'.

The word originated with Mr.T. Due to the extended contact with cheap substitute gold, he can no longer tell the difference between anybody he meets. In order to save himself the humiliation of asking who he's talking to, he simply refers to anyone and every one as 'foo' or 'sucka'.


Tragic - (tra-gik)

A word silly little gothbunnies abuse to describe their everyday lives.


Ex. My mom washed my blackest black cloak with REGULAR detergent! It faded! The horror, oh the horror! My life has been dealt such a tragic blow, I think I shall run to the local coffee shop to cry about it in front of people.


Ring Sting - (ring-sting)

The discomfort caused when one's fecal discharge is too large for the anal sphincter; the experience of one's anal sphincter being painfully stretched by a particularly large fecal discharge.




Need to know words

Trick Bag - (trik-bag) aka Trick. A female whose actions toward men are those of crude, scandalous acts. Slang for whore or bitch..

Succubus - (suk-ue-bus) Also associated with Trick Bag. A female who sucks the life from the body of a male. Mythological creature.

Goo - (geu) Substitute for an inappropriate word in any sentence. Ex: "What the Goo are you doing here?" Source: Billy Madison, when he notices the little boy peed his pants. Can also be used for surprise. Ex: When you see a fat dude fall down a flight of stairs. You simply yell, "GOO!"

Splendiferous - (splen-dif-er-us) Meaning of excellence. Ex: "That cake was splendiferous! And all this time I thought you were a horrible cook."

Beast - (beest) Describes an object of either massive size, or overwhelming coolness. Ex: "Your mom's a beast," for massive size. Or, "I just took a beast of a dump." For overwhelming coolness, "my grandpa's stamp collection is a beast." Or, "that 4 year old soccer player is beastie."

Shpledow  - (splea-dowe) Pronounced like it looks. Descriptive word for excitement. John Madden made BAM famous when something was hit hard. Shpledow is a replacement for this "copyrighted" descriptive word.





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