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Wednesday, August 23, 2005
Big Brother causes sex pains...

Tig Clark writes:

I have heard that you have a similar problem as I do. My vaginal unit
has an odd obsession with the television show, "Big Brother". Ive been
replaced at times because of this program. What should I do about it,
and what is your take on "Big Brother"?


Big Brother's going down. But I do understand where your unit is coming from. As explained in the August 24, 2005 rant, we hate it when women bug us during the big game. So this is their sick revenge. My suggestion is to do what I plan on doing... riding out the storm until September 3rd... when the college football season starts. Paybacks are a bitch.


Tuesday, August 22, 2005
How to tell your girlfriend she sucks at sex...

Dilemma. Your girlfriend is a horrible lay. You've tried everything to drop hints that she's horrible. You've stuck it in her pooper. You've hit her in the face in the middle of the act. You've even called and told her parents. Nothing's working. What should you do?


Easy. Leave her. Cause we all know that a girl that can't do it might as well be a dude.



Question from Tig Clark:

Q: Will you do me? I love GotBuckey.


A: A question like that clearly shows that this young man is sexually frustrated. Do me a favor, and when you get home tonight, call up your vaginal unit and ask her to service your man piece until the cows come home. Then you won't need my lovin'.


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