Katie Garrison, by the Black Dude


Ya know, I was thinking about how much brute force Katie Garrison's face can take. Here's a few things...

1. A fast pitch to the face, and not blink.

2. Jackhammer

3. Baseball bat to the throat

4. Bicycle kick to the Adams Apple (yes, I said Adams Apple)

5. Hubcap spinner to the eye

6. Obviously, DL's cock.

7. 12 Gauge Shotgun blast

8. Titlest 9-Iron

9. Karate Chop via Bruce Lee

10. Tire Iron to the back of the head

11. A Charlie Murphy kick to the chest

12. The force of 9 crocodiles chompin on her face

13. Ass cancer

14. The obscene view of Lauren's God damn squirrel lookin' fucking big ass cheeks

15. Wood chipper

16.  A smack from Rick James

17. Piranha

18. Venomous bite from a 7000 pound Anaconda, while wrapped around her face

19. A brick hurled off the Empire State building

20. Hiroshima