Saturday, November 27, 2004


What I need to do...


Ok, I'm sure most of you loyal readers probably picture me as someone who doesn't take shit from anyone, I say what I want to, when I want to, and to who I want to. Well, I guess that's not entirely true. It has been in the past though. There have been times that even my own best friend would say, "I'd tell you not to do that, but I know you don't listen to anyone. You've never let one person stop you from doing what you want." Guess I'm pretty relentless, huh? That's what I need to talk about... my never say never attitude.


About 6 months ago I went through the absolute darkest 3 weeks of my entire life. I won't go in to details about what happened, but those who know me can think back to my last day of work at Kroger and pretty much figure it all out... can't ya? Anyway, through all of that junk there was one person that was actually there for me and pretty much got me through it. But that person has been blasted time and time again on my site because of petty mistakes that she has made that I feel did me wrong, when they really didn't. So that's why for the first time in my site's history, I am issuing a formal apology. I'm sorry for offending you, and I can promise I will never do it again. Save this page for reference.



Friday, November 26, 2004


Turkey Bowl II


Turkey Bowl II is over, and this time the victors were they "younger generation." Game time conditions were 33 degrees with snow flurries and a pretty muddy field. Unfortunatley there aren't any pictures from the game yet, because I didn't use my digital camera, but a few regular pics were taken, and will be up soon.



Tuesday, November 23, 2004


You Look Like A Fool

You know, I think it’s great how people try to incorporate AOL Instant Messenger in to their every day lives, and use it as their soul mode of communicating with the world beyond their bedrooms. Obviously, I won’t name names because I’m not out for a lawsuit, but I know of one person that leads her whole world on AIM. I mean, everything. What her work schedule is, when she’s going to bed, why she had a bad day, who made her mad, who made her happy… EVERYTHING! But, the most degrading thing in her away messages and info has to be the absolutely sickening display of puppy love and overall obsession for her boyfriend. What gets me is talking about being together “always and forever.” Isn’t that the same thing? Always IS forever, ya know? Not to mention the fact that she professes her never ending love at the end of every away message.

 Ok, why do I ramble on about this? Because it’s ridiculous, that’s why. Ya know, I think just about everyone by now knows that this couple is together… so why announce it? Hell, I never write about my love life on AIM or even on my very own website (which I’m allowed to say what I want, by the way). I think it does more HARM to you than it does good. When you look like an idiot on AIM, you become an easy target for good, wholesome websites like mine! Not to mention the fact that everyone laughs behind your back about what embarrassing things you have to say.


Friday, November 19, 2004


Beat Michigan Eve


Twas the night before chaos and all throughout Ohio State

Not a Michigan fan to be seen, not even Jack Tate

The uniforms hung in the lockers with care

With hopes that some miracle soon would be there


The players were nestled all snug in their beds

While visions of Maurice Clarett dance in their heads

Tressel and Geiger are all filled with stress

Cause they too have nightmare visions of Clarett


When out on the Oval arose such a clatter

Jim sprung from his lawyer to see what was the matter

It was Mo', with a cheap two dollar bottle of wine

And Lydell Ross with a topless dancer lookin' fine


"Allegations, Allegations!" the two tailbacks screamed

"We sure can't play football, but it's real nice to dream!"

Crowds of Michigan fans stood behind their OSU heroes

Along with their high paid trail lawyer, Robert Shapiro


By the hundreds, by thousands, maize and blue filled the streets

They wanted to take out Tressel, so their team wouldn't be beat

Drunken frats of Ann Arbor began scrapping with OSU kids

A black man yells, "yo, have these cats flipped their lids?!"


You see, an OSU student knows how to riot

Soon, scarlet started eating blue like a fat kid on a diet

Out come the kegs, out comes the couch

These drunks were as mad as Sesame Streets' Grouch


Lloyd Car in his Beamer heard footprints on his hood

He tried to get them off, but the yelling did no good

Over goes the car and out comes the fire

Looks like U of M will need a new coach to hire!


All of Columbus was set ablaze

As the Ohio State Buckeyes won the next day

Karen Holbrook gets trampled and down come the field goals

Cause Michigan's not in Pasadena at the Rose Bowl!










Tuesday, November 16, 2004


The Black Dude!


Got's favorite black guy has been through a rough weekend! If you got my newsletter you'd know that the Black Dude had his car STOLEN from his house! Well, today he got a call from the impound lot. They have it. It was stripped, but still in working condition. But the black dude is still looking for his parts! Chances are he'll be in jail before Friday. Oh and by the way, lets not forget what this week is... it's BEAT MICHIGAN WEEK!!!! Yeah, that's right. All entries this week will be in SCARLET AND GRAY. Look for anti Michigan gear later this week. GO BUCKS!



Wednesday, November 10, 2004


My Hero


I guess this is a 180 turn around compared to what I usually write about this person, but it's true. Justen Speakman is my hero. I'm not kidding, I'm not being sarcastic. That kid should be an inspiration to all guys out there. I completely apologize to him for all that I've said to offend him. After learning of the absolutely amazing feat that he pulled off recently, I would give a kidney to that guy. Wow... it even beats the comeback the Red Sox had. This is more amazing then Bush wining the election. I've done some pretty kick ass things relationship-wise, but what he did defeats it all.


I guess this is where I kind of leave you hanging. That's right, to find out what Justen did, you'll have to sign up for the Got Buckey newsletter that chronicles the who's and what's of Circleville living. SIGN UP NOW!



Sunday, November 7, 2004


Starting fresh


Well, now that I don't have people to write anything about, I guess I better think of something! Hmmmm. Maybe until I think of something, this could occupy you!! Plus, sign up for the Got Buckey monthly newsletter SOON!




Saturday, November 6, 2004


Washing my hands...


This is a historic day in Got Buckey history. Today's the day you will see the last of two couples that have become sworn enemies of the site. No more will you hear all about the JJW, the Gary Coleman look-a-like, or the soon to be Mr. and Mrs. Beglin. Why's that? Because these two couples will self destruct on their own... there's no need for me to do it for them.


JJW... Gary Coleman. This is the end of our long run. You two have been good to my site. Thanks to you, I had over 560 hits on my site last month. That shatters the record by 100. Good job, you've made me famous. By the way, congratulations on getting back together. I hope things work out and your dreams of having 6 kids, a trailer, and a 1991 Ford Astrovan come true!


Jake and Lynne... what can I say? Really, what can I say. I haven't even had to make fun of you two cause you have your heads shoved so far up each others asses that you honestly just seem to make fun of yourselves! Last time I saw you two in public, you both did one of those real quick head turns like you didn't see me. How could you miss a beautiful face like this? Trust me. You two will get married. You'll both drop out of college just to spend 24 hours a day with each other, you'll get full time jobs at Kroger and Burger King and end up divorcing when Jake realizes he spends every night of the week at home with Lynne and not with his old friends.


So there, I said all I wanted to say about those two doomed relationships. I hope all 4 of you enjoy life with your hips attached to each other.




Friday, November 5, 2004


Big Buck Nuts' twin brother


Just today, Got Buckey learned that our mascot, Big Buck Nuts, has a twin brother. Yes, it's true. Though not as physically "gifted" as Big Buck Nuts, he's still blood so we'll all treat him the same. He was found in a park in Tokyo practicing Kung-Fu with his GrandMaster. I present to you...

Bruce Lee-Roy.




Wednesday, November 3, 2004


Ode to Me


I don't like to say "I told ya so" much, but this is one of those times that I think I should. My website has now OFFICIALLY predicted two separate things to come true. Buckey's Forum has had two polls on its site for the past month... one for president of the United States, and the other for how long it would be before the "demise" of the JJW and her man. Well, the polls don't lie, and neither does the cold hard truth.


First with the president. Ok, it came in today about 11:15am that Kerry gave in and called Bush. I'm sure that conversation went something like, "your wife is better than mine, I admit it. I also admit that my daughters have the worlds largest noses. And congratulations-I-give-up-you-win-you-get-to-be-pres-for-four-more-years-gotta-go-Teresa-is-divorcing-me CLICK. Which proves poll number ONE to be correct...



Now on to poll number TWO! As has been chronicled by the childish "announcing to the world my sorrows" AIM away messages of the JJW, her and the Gary Coleman look-alike have been having troubles in paradise. Well, it was official yesterday... they broke it off. Now, you and I BOTH know it's not for good, there's no way. They're like a couple of retarded dogs getting beaten by a newspaper... they just keep coming back for more. So, in a matter of days they'll be back together. But hey, I'm sticking with the facts... and that facts are that they are broke up and I CALLED IT! Look at the numbers ladies and gentlemen... almost exactly ONE MONTH to the day, they break it off. Wow. Notice the date submitted on the left...



Well, after all is said and done, it looks like my vote counted after all, didn't it Mr. Gary Coleman look-a-like? I'm Buckey, and I approve this message.