Friday, October 29, 2004


Buckey; good Samaritan


That's right, I did my good deed for the year. Going down Stoutsville Pike I see an overturned dump truck. I pull over and jump out and there's a dude stuck in there with a busted head and shoulder. The old lady that was behind him was there and said he rolled it 3 times. I tried kicking out the window, but it was laminated, so even after I busted it, it wasn't going anywhere. I stayed there and made sure he was ok till Clearcreek showed up. Turns out they life-flighted the guy and he's in bad shape. But hey, I did my good act of the day. Be sure to check out the "What's Happening" page to see pics from Halloween.



Thursday, October 28, 2004


Halloween... the new sham


It's like no one wants to talk about it... Halloween becoming a commercial holiday. All about money. Even the costumes are becoming worse and worse. I remember when Halloween meant actually dressing up to be SCARY. The end of October was supposed to be a frightening time in a young kids life. They were supposed to be traumatized by the werewolf hiding in the bushes with a chainsaw. Now kids are walkin around in Superman costumes. What's scary about Christopher Reeves?! Even when he was alive and could move more than one finger, he wasn't freighting. Spandex is disgusting, not scary. I heard the other day the most popular costume is Spiderman this year. Wow. Unless it's a life like spider costume, it ain't gonna scare no one.


But lets not forget that Ohio is the biggest reason Halloween has become a joke. This is the only state I've known of that doesn't have Trick or Treat on Halloween night. Why?! What is the big deal of having to have it in the middle of the week? This year it's on Sunday. So? Do it then. Don't be losers. That ruins the spirit of the holiday. As for me, I'm dressing up as a pimp. That's not scary. But I'm having someone dress up as the Jungle Juice Whore too. Now THAT'S HOW YOU SCARE SOMEONE.


UPDATE: I finally have the "What's Happening" section up, with a picture from Pumpkin Show of Andy Hurd kickin my ass. More to come!



Monday, October 25, 2004


World Series of Presidents


It's funny, I watched almost every game of the Yankees/Red Sox series, but not one of the first two World Series games. I think it has something to do with the fact that I just hate the Yankees, and I wanna see them lose. They lost, so I'm happy.


Now on to a subject that I always seem to associate with sports; the election. I mean, it's not hard to put the two together. Bush used to (I'm pretty sure he's not anymore) the part owner of the Texas Rangers. Chances are Kerry's dirt bag of a wife has some kinda stake in Heinz Field in Pittsburgh. SPEAKING of that dirty old woman, did you hear how she shot her husband in the foot THIS time? She was interviewed in a magazine and somehow she said she bets Laura Bush has never had a real job. The person who interviewed her quickly corrected her saying, "she was a school teacher for many years." What's going on, is being a teacher not a real job anymore? You see, if Heinz-Kerry was any type of a decent person, she would have done her research before opening her mouth.


I don't care for John Kerry. I'm not saying I hate him, and I would move to Canada if he were elected, but I'm not voting for him. But his wife... oh God I hate her. She's a foreign spic that looks like she never washes. She's ignorant, and seems to be nothing more than an airhead. She's a money hungry succubus, filled with ketchup. I'll stick with generic ketchup.



Sunday, October 24, 2004


Another year, another show


Well, Pumpkin Show has passed for yet another year. I was there every day except Saturday and it was packed. The show seems to bring the best and the worst out of people. I thought it was touching seeing all the parents taking their kids on the amusement rides and letting them play the games to win a stuffed animal. But then there was the worst in people, which refers back to my previous entry about the angry little girl with a serious attitude problem. You know, I kind of got over the junk about her accusing me of ditching her and her boyfriend on Thursday. What still gets me though is the fact that she's extremely hypocritical.


I believe I should explain. You see, this person didn't like the fact that I was talking about her behind her back a few months ago. I was wrong in that sense, I should have never done it. I said I was sorry, and for the past few weeks things have been fine. Then sense what happened Thursday night, she's started talking about ME behind MY back. Isn't that interesting? Hypocrite. Period. Never seen one bigger. But that's fine, I've got plenty more friends that won't do that to me. Oh, and probably won't jump down my throat without knowing the whole story about a situation. "They should just rot in Hell." Ha!




Thursday, October 21, 2004




"It turns out that the "friend" fed us a bold-faced lie because we saw him uptown without his father.  Now he feels the need to say that we are lying.  I just don't understand some people at all.  They should just rot in Hell..."

Ya know, it's a funny thing... after jumping down my throat like she just did, I kind of feel like she should rot in that very same place. Amazing. And the best part is, she doesn't even know the whole story. Why? Cause she jumps to conclusions, just to make herself feel better about situations. Ladies and gentlemen, I'm sure there will be more to come...



Tuesday, October 19, 2004


Pumpkin Show 2004


If you live in Central Ohio, you know what the Pumpkin Show is. No question. It starts unofficially tonight with the "preview night." I don't plan on being there cause I care more about a baseball game, remember? But tomorrow's the official start, with the pumpkin weigh-in at noon. Word has it there's a 1300 pound pumpkin that'll be there. Someone's gonna pull a muscle liftin that beast outta there. The best part of the show is food. Any kind of odd food you could possibly want is there. Not to mention pumpkin vodka. It'll get ya drunk.




Monday, October 18, 2004


Bush vs. Kerry


Ok, so there's this guy that most likely graduated from Brooks Yates, that thinks I care more about a baseball game than the issues of a debate. Well, first of all I'd like to suggest he continue his education, cause it's clear he's still retarded... look at who he's with. But beyond that, it's true, I do care more about a baseball game than a debate. Why? Because I'm not voting for the best public speaker. If that were the case, I'd vote for Kerry, I'd vote for Clinton in '08 (if he were eligible), and I'd vote for myself in 2024 when I'm old enough to be prez. I'm voting for who can run a country. Bush has proven he can.


Why I'm voting for Bush:

Why I'm NOT voting for Kerry:

There you go, I'm not all about baseball and football, I have reasoning.



Sunday, October 17, 2004


I'm Jumping Ship


I said it Friday, and I meant it. I'm jumping ship. I had a feeling OSU would lose yesterday, but I really didn't know they'd lose that bad. I kind of thought they'd play some defense and make Iowa work for the win. They looked like a JV team out there. I think half the guys on OSU's sideline hadn't even reached puberty. After the game yesterday, I just felt like slamming my head in a car door a couple times. Doesn't it just make you sick?


First off, I don't care what you say; Zwick was hurt BEFORE the game started. He threw the ball like it was a cinder block. Sad. Not to mention, the running game was worse than usual. I could have ran for more yards... without pads... without my legs. At 3-3, the Buckeye's have reversed rolls with the Northwestern's and Indiana's of the Big Ten. In fact, OSU plays Indiana next week. This is the team that the Bucks actually looked good against last year. They're 10 point underdogs right now. I miss Woody...


UPDATE: You're right. I don't give a damn about your dad. I have a job... and I'm rich, biatch!



Friday, October 15, 2004


Setup for a Let Down


I don't mean to sound like a pessimistic person, but the Buckeyes are playing pretty bad this year. I'm a huge Ohio State fan, but last time I saw the Bucks suck this bad, John Cooper got fired. Yeah, you all remember it. When you've got a rookie quarterback trying to play like a veteran, you'll have a bad offence. I was at last weeks game, and you could tell that Zwick was running around like a total idiot. When you're averaging negative points on offense, it can't really kill to put in Troy Smith. Yeah, I said it... mutiny! Throw Zwick overboard, lets go with a guy that can run and make the game exciting.


I used to live next to those corn eatin' fools called the Hawkeye's. They're a good team. Remind me of another corn eating, inbreeding team... um, their name escapes me! I'm staying faithful to Ohio State, but if they lose tomorrow, I'm jumping ship, no lie. Kenny Rogers once said, "know when to fold 'em, know when to hold 'em." Only thing held on to is the football when Zwick gets pressured.





Wednesday, October 13, 2004


Debate or Baseball? Hmmm....


So what are you gonna watch tonight? The thrilling back and forth action of Bush and Kerry, or the Red Sox/Yankees game? If you said the debate, you're a liar. No one in their right mind would sit down and listen to the most boring men in history go at it tonight. Instead, we all know you'll watch Pedro and his "little friend" go at the Yankees in game two of a best of seven series. It's Boston versus New York... even if you're not from either of those towns, you have a favorite! 

You guessed it, this is the not so thrilling return of Got Buckey. I've changed formats a little, switching to the ever popular BLOG. Gotta stay with the times, you know? So let me know what you think of the new set up! Along the side you see a whole new set of pages to choose from. Go ahead and click if you want to, but they're all under construction, except the ever popular Forum! Which, I might add, still has a nifty little poll about the most infamous trick bag in Circleville, the JJW! Continue to vote everyone!

UPDATE: Now I have the "About Me" section up too, with a fun stroll down memory lane. Oh, and 5 minutes after I put the site back up, the JJW checked to see if something vulgar was written about her. No shock there.









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