A Letter to Vince Young

Dear Vince,


I'm writing you to congratulate you on your Rose Bowl win, and National Championship. Your performance on Wednesday will go down as one of the greatest of all time. So what's left to do in Austin? You have the number one team, you're the number one player. You helped Mac Brown finally win a title, and you've brought Texas back to the top of college football supremacy.


Go pro.


Think about it. Staying for your senior season would be selfish. You'll be milking the University for more scholarship money, that I'm sure could be used to bathe Bevo or something. If you're thinking of staying because you want a Heisman, that'd be extremely selfish. Not to mention, Ted Ginn will win the Heisman next year anyway. So what would you have to gain by staying another year? Nothing.


So do the right thing. Hold a press conference and simply state, "I'm out, like a fat kid in dodgeball."


If you do this favor for me, and the rest of the Buckeye Nation, we'll all buy your Houston Texans' jersey... and thank you on September 9, 2006.


Thanks ahead of time,