(A Letter from the Editor on my site, dated October 6, 2004)


Seeing as how this is my website, which I personally own with my own money, I could technically put anything on here that I wanted. In recent months, I HAVE put anything on here that I wanted. So I decided to put something else on here. Nah, I won't go in to great details of secrets that I know about JJW's intimate (if you wanna call it that) life. The more I learn, the sicker I get. Guess what, I'm not even going to make funny references to things people already know. I think I'm going to use my little corner of the internet to express what I feel about freedom of speech. It's a wonderful right we have in this country, right? Every day people use it to their advantage. Watch the political ads on TV. I'm sure neither candidate wants to hear those things said about them, but there's not too much they can do to stop them. That's what I have here. Just myself posting comments about something and allowing the public to see it. Sense all the real dirty stuff has been off my site, I decided just to post a poll about a couple here in Circleville. Nothing racy about it, nothing "slander-ish" about it. Just straight and to the point. No ones been forced to vote on it, but several have. Obviously those people have an opinion, just like I do. About a week after the poll went up, the JJW left me a message talking about staying out of her relationship. Well, you see where that's an incorrect statement is the fact that I was never in that relationship. In fact I was on the outside of that, making an observation and posting a question to the world wide web. As I've stated before, if you don't care for the site and the things that are posted on here, don't come and look at it. It's quite obvious that the juice of the jungle has been quite interested in the site because she's viewed it a few times in the past week. Her last viewing (as of Wednesday evening) was Wednesday at 8:38 p.m. It's a nightly occurrence you see. My observations have brought me to the conclusion that this specimen can't stand to have things said about her, regardless of who it's coming from. In that same message she sent me earlier this week she informed me that she could "care less." That it wasn't getting to her. Well, when she has to take the time to TELL me it's not getting to her, and take the time to make sure nothing else is being said, then it's getting to her.

So I tell you what JJW, if it makes you feel any better you can contact someone to have my site taken down. I'm sure they'll love to hear from you. You think I'm kidding? I'm dead serious, you can actually talk to a real human about having my site removed from the internet. Go to http://help.yahoo.com/help/us/geo/abuse/abuse-02.html and report my site. In the form, tell customer service that I'm committing slander, that I have tarnished your good name. Before you finish filling out the form I want you to read the Yahoo! GeoCites Terms of Service. After you finish with that I want you to go ahead and explain to them in the form that I have used your name unlawfully. After filling that out and sending it to them, wait anxiously by your inbox for a response that promptly says, "sorry, your name was never actually USED on the site!" Then thank me for being so smart.






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