Got Buckey is an equal opportunity discriminator. I do not prey on souly one race, creed, or nationality. If you're stupid, you will be exploited for your idiotic actions,  words, or looks.


If you feel you've been wrongly discriminated by Got Buckey, please fill out our complaint form, which I have conveniently NOT linked to on this page... nor have I actually created... or ever plan to create.


But in all seriousness, if you're taking anything you read on the internet seriously enough to fill out a complaint, then you deserve to be made fun of. Some of what I write, I don't even believe in. That's why the World Wide Web is free to all, so you can express your thoughts and just have fun. If you actually do have a problem with something I have said, leave a comment on a rant. I'll be sure to make fun of you. Thanks.




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